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The name 'Pest Control' covers a wide range of pests. All Star Pest Control can rid you of Ants!

All Star Pest control specialises in all aspects of Ant Control and removal

The ant fauna of Australia is especially large and diverse. World-wide, there are 16 subfamilies, about 300 genera and about 15,000 described species and subspecies of ants. Australia is currently known to have representatives of 10 subfamilies, 101 genera and 1275 described species and subspecies.

While the numbers of Australian subfamilies and genera are unlikely to increase significantly, the number of species may well double as species-level studies are completed. Thus Australia currently has representatives of two-thirds of the world’s ant subfamilies, one-third of its genera and, as far as we know, about 15% of its species. A few of the genera found in Australia occur nowhere else, and many are shared with only its closest neighbours. Most of the species, however, are limited to Australia with only a minority occurring in both Australia and neighbouring regions.